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Silver with Blue Eyes

Capri is a sweet gentle girl who gets along well with other dogs, cats, and kids. She's calm, eager to please, and a wonderful Mommy. Capri can produce all colors including chocolate, blue and lilac. She is a standard coated (husky coat) Pomsky and is standard sized (24 lbs). Capri has been screened for genetic diseases through Embark and her knees, heart, and eyes have been certified through OFA.


Otter Pop

Wooly Black and White Micro

Otter Pop is only 8 lbs! But don't let her size fool you, this girl loves to hike and swim just like the big dogs! She's the ultimate lap dog and her favorite thing is to ride shotgun in the car everywhere. She adores playing with cats and likes to make a nest in the bed. Otter Pop has been tested for genetic diseases through Embark, and her knees, heart and eyes have been certified through OFA.

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