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Beignet 🍩 

Chocolate Wooly 

Beignet is a gorgeous wooly chocolate boy born late January 2022. He’s currently 17 lbs and is a little big for what I want for my program. My loss is your gain! This boy is crate and potty trained, knows sit, down, stay on your bed, comes to his name, and is great on a leash. He’s amazingly friendly with both people and dogs and he looooves to play. His father is our boy Klondike and he has a clear Embark panel by parentage. Adoption fee $3500 and comes with lessons on all of his training. He has started an off leash program and been on a few off leash hikes. Full off leash training can be finished before he leaves. Shoot me an email to set up a meet and greet with this super cool boy!

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